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Intestinal care for longevity in dogs starting from age nine.
Probiotics consisting of 150 different varieties of healthy bacteria which influence the body starting from inside the intestines.

Thanks to improved food quality and living environment standards, dogs — previously said to have a life expectancy of around ten years — are now enjoying increased longevity. "My dog doesn't have any illness, and his/ her appearance is the very image of health itself! It's way too early for supplements!" You may feel this way now.


However, nine years for a dog is equivalent to nearly sixty human years. Intestinal conditions as well as immune system strength and the body's ability to resist disease all inevitably deteriorate over time. "My dog is still so healthy!" That very thought should motivate you to begin intestinal care. Let's start supporting your dog's health from the inside.


Probiotics is the antonym for antibiotic. Just about everybody has had the experience of receiving antibiotic medicine from a hospital. While antibiotics are particularly effective, they kill not only harmful bacteria but also get rid of healthy bacteria which can have the effect of weakening the body's immune system. Probiotics naturally increase the presence of healthy bacteria and thus have the eventual effect of exterminating harmful bacteria.


Our pet dogs — important members of our families — lose healthy bacteria and bodily enzymes as they age, just like us. Therefore caring for their intestines is a very important step towards their longevity.


Taking in healthy bacteria to maintain healthy intestinal conditions is very important for general health and longevity, but it is also important to grow such bacteria from within the intestines. Prebiotics take on the role of "raising" healthy bacteria which bring about healthy bodily conditions. In short, prebiotics are feed for such bacteria. And the most representative example are oligosaccharides.

The taking in of healthy bacteria through probiotics and proper care of the area where such bacteria can grow are both very beneficial to a senior dog's health.

Words from the Vet


Reconsider diet and exercise routines and improve intestinal conditions for a strong immune system. Like humans, dogs' immune systems gradually weaken as they age. When the immune system weakens, not only do we see symptoms such as tiring easily and lack of energy; infections also spread more easily, which can in turn induce serious diseases including tumor growth. In short, maintaining a strong immune system is essential to healthy living in the senior years.

Relations between the bowels and the immune system have received much attention in recent years. Inside the intestines are many kinds of bacteria which influence the activation of white blood cells.

While deterioration of bacterial balance in the intestines brought upon by aging is hard to avoid, it is said that maintaining healthy intestinal conditions can improve immune system strength (increasing protection against diseases), as well as prevent the effects of aging. Although aging is an unavoidable natural process, for the sake of lively senior living, it will be good to build up your dog's immune system through reconsidering diet and exercise and maintaining proper intestinal health.


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