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Hair in his face has grown back, and he now sleeps soundly at night! 

Milky (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / 6 years old)


Ever since our dog was two years old, he started showing allergy symptoms, especially in his face. At that time, it got better by making a change to his diet, but when he was about four years old, the symptoms worsened again, and it didn’t get better even after changing to an anti-allergy diet. In the end, we tried steroids to keep the allergy at bay, but when the medicine ran out after two years, he suffered from such a bad itch that he couldn’t even sleep at night.  At the time when we switched to Probio CA, he had scratched his face so much that he didn’t have any hair left under his eyes. During the first month, until the symptoms started receding, we gave him double the dosage, and after another half month, he was able to sleep soundly again until morning. It’s now been two months, and the hair on his face has grown back, and the allergy has calmed down.

Though we have not been able to take away all of Milky’s discomfort, we have been able to make it much more bearable! We are planning to continue living on friendly terms with the allergy. It is thanks to Probio CA that Milky got so much better. We are very grateful for this truly amazing recovery!

Cat’s skin ailment has healed!

Maruko (Mixed breed cat)


Maruko always had skin ailments, giving her bald spots, scabs and rashes, maybe as the result of playing outside. We weren’t that worried about it because she was a very active cat, but when we saw that our friend’s dog healed from atopy after giving him Probio CA, we figured that it might also work for Maruko, so we tried it out. After about a month, we noticed that hair started growing in her bald spots again. As her skin got better, she also got calmer in her activity. It seems as if she lost a sort of agitation, maybe because her skin isn’t itchy anymore. She also used to have some kind of rash near her mouth, but this also healed nicely.

Liberated from an itch so bad that she couldn’t even sleep anymore.

Sakura (Beagle)

Sakura used to take steroids for her atopy. When we started giving her Probio CA, the itching actually became even worse, but when we asked about it, we got the advice to continue the treatment. Though she was scratching herself very badly, we continued the supplement and steroids side by side. Because the itchiness was so bad though, we stopped buying the supplement for a moment, but we were mistakenly sent another package, and when we used that, we noticed that the amount of steroids had dramatically decreased.

I think it took about half a year before we started seeing results.

I am really happy now that we didn’t give up. It’s been two months now that she hasn’t been taking steroids, and her fur is surprisingly thick! Her tear stains which had been awful ever since she was little have also completely disappeared!


Cured from itch without need for medicine! 

 Kai (Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

Kai is allergic to additives etc., and would regularly get episodes of itchiness.

We would give him medicine when that happened. 

The insides of his upper thighs and insides of his elbows would look awfully red from scratching and licking, but he would just continue scratching. He also has a little brain handicap, which makes him blind in his right eye, and a little bit limited with the right side of his body. Because of this, his scratching is completely focused on his left side.  I started giving him Probio CA, in order to at least offer him relief from his itch. 

His allergy temporarily got even worse, and the inside of the joints of his front legs were so inflamed that I was thinking about taking him to the hospital, but I kept on giving him the usual dosage of Probio CA, and when the itching looked really bad, I made him lick some off a plate. After three days, the redness had suddenly disappeared, and I was really surprised about that.  

Because he was already taking medicine for chronic epilepsy, I was happy that we could cure him from his itch without a medicine. His stomach also used to be weak, and he often used to have diarrhea, but that also disappeared completely!


Cured from bald spots and darkening around eyes and mouth due to scratching!  Azu (Shiba, 6 years old)

Ever since our dog was a pup, the area around his eyes would be pitch black from scratching too much, due to atopy and allergies. When giving him Probio CA, it temporarily worsened, but after increasing the dose and continuing for one month, it healed beautifully, and even if he still scratches himself sometimes, it doesn’t create any bald spots or darkening like before. We’re planning on continuing to give him the supplement for his whole life.


Beloved doggie cured from bad allergic condition!

Kurifu (Border Collie, 2 years old)

Because of a weakness to allergies, and the itchiness which was the result of this, he bit himself so much that he didn’t have any hair left on his legs. 

We started using shampoo that was mild to the skin, but that didn’t help much.  At some point, we even gave him steroid medicine. 

All these things didn’t really improve his condition... and then we found out about Probio CA

We give it to him by sprinkling it on top of his food. He’s the type of doggie that doesn’t easily swallow medicine, but he didn’t have any resistance towards this one since the very start. It has now been several months already since we’ve last been to the vet. We only go now just to pick up preventive medicine for filaria and fleas / ticks once in a while. 

We didn’t combine the Probio CA with any other treatments, so it is the only possible cause of his recovery. It is very obvious how his body odor, stool odor, and the shine of his fur have all undergone a positive change! We are never going back to steroids.


Able to quit anti-itch medicine! 

Ran (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toy Poodle Mix, 7 years old)


Since our dog Ran was about three, he started vigorously scratching his belly, the tips of his paws, and under his armpits etc. At the hospital where my husband works, they made a formula of Chinese herbal medicine for him, and when the itching got really bad, they gave him steroids at another hospital, but still the itch didn’t stop.  We looked on the internet and tried a lot of different supplements, but (for about two years) it didn’t get better.  We didn’t do an atopy examination, because the price for such an examination is very expensive, but the doctor told us that his symptoms pointed towards atopy. 

It’s only been a little more than a month since we’ve been giving him Probio CA, but the itching has decreased, and we’re really happy that it’s helping so much! At the moment, we aren’t giving him the medicine from the doctor anymore. 

We’re not going to let go of this supplement!

Liberated from 10+ years old itch! 

Qtaro (Mixed breed, 13 years old)

Ever since our dog was a puppy, he’s had an itchy lower body, abdomen and face. Every time his medicine ran out, he would hurt himself scratching. The wounds around his eyes were such that they never disappeared. When Probio CA was introduced to us, our doggie was suffering so much from his medicine that we gave it a try. Every time he scratched himself, we made him lick out one package, and after two weeks, even his scabs disappeared! Even though he still sometimes scratches himself, it doesn’t look that desperate anymore. Since all those medicines over so many years couldn’t heal him, and this supplement did it in less than a month, even our attending doctor said that there are some things which are better than medicine!


Beloved doggie’s itchiness - bald spots - inflammation cured! 

Sally (Papillon, 12 years old)


Our dog suffered from allergies for many years. He had such an itch that he would vigorously scratch his abdomen, neck, and paws. Because of this, he had scratched away his fur from the neck to his belly, showing red inflamed skin. We tried many different supplements, dog foods and shampoos, but none of them really fixed the problem. 

Since we started giving him Probio CA since October last year, his hair started growing back from about the second month, and his itch also decreased noticeably. Currently, he still has a slight itch, but his fur has almost completely returned back to normal! He used to be bald all the way from his neck to his belly, but thanks to Probio CA, he’s now beautiful again like in this picture!

Our dog used to suffer from pyoderma, but this year, his skin is keeping its beauty! 

Kotaro (French Bulldog, 6 years old)

Every year from the end of May, our dog would get itchy over his entire body. He would scratch off the scabs, which resulted in rash, and this situation would continue until about the end of September.

Along with the scabs, he would scratch off his own hair, resulting in many bald spots. It was really a sad sight. Once he was diagnosed with “pyoderma”, his condition was such that we needed to give him steroids.

Since we started giving him Probio CA this year, even during the rainy season, he hasn’t had a single rash, and his skin has kept its beauty! We haven’t made any other changes to his diet, and his lifestyle hasn’t changed either, so we are certain that the only possible factor responsible for this change is the Probio CA which we started giving him since last year. We haven’t given him any of the reserve of steroids which has been sitting in the back of the refrigerator.


Cured from bald spots and eye scratching! 

Taro (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel )

Due to allergies, our dog damaged the horny layer of his own eye through scratching, and this wound was in quite a bad condition. We were told that it might be necessary to sew down his eyelids. We gave him anti-toxic eye drops every three hours, three times per day with two different types of eye drops, and finally the wound would start healing, but once that would start, he would get itchy again and scratch himself again. This scenario kept on repeating itself, which compelled us to put an Elizabethan collar on him the whole day long. As long as his eyes wouldn’t heal, we couldn’t give him anti-allergy eye drops, so we were told that waiting until the wound healed was the first priority.

When we started giving him Probio CA, the wound healed beautifully, and he’s now in such a good condition that even our friends remark how good Taro’s eyes are looking.

He also used to have some diarrhea problems for which we sometimes had to take him to the hospital, but since we started giving him Probio CA, he hasn’t had diarrhea anymore either! He hasn’t suffered from summer weakness, and his appetite didn’t decrease either.

Cavaliers have hanging ears, so it’s easy for them to develop stuffy ears, so I’ve often heard that they don’t easily heal from ear disorders. We take Taro to the vet every month for a check-up, but they always tell us that his ears look beautiful!

This made me realize very clearly that a healthy gut environment is the base for a strong immune system, so I’m planning to keep on giving him this supplement. I have put in a monthly order so I never run out of it!


I was freed from the sleepless nights caused by my dog's constant shedding and scratching.  Ten (Pug)

When my dog was around one year old, the constant scratching and shedding started. On top of the shedding, he would injure himself from the excessive scratching. I took him to the hospital countless times because of his red, swollen face and his cornea that was damaged from scratching an itchy face. After one month of treating my dog with Probio CA , the number of scratches decreased, and the hair loss and redness lessened, too. Lately, his damaged undercoat  has grown back. Now, when I brush his coat, a healthy amount of fur comes out, and overall, the fur seems much glossier.


The itching stopped!  

Robin (Miniature Pinscher)


Robin has had itching on his left side since last May, and his once glossy coat gradually became dull and unhealthy. Small patches of his fur began to bald, and his skin began to scar. On the rest of his body, a thin, clear layer of skin began to peel off. I took him to the hospital, but a specific cause could not be found. I tried several types of shampoos, supplements, and lotions as well, but none of them had any noticeable effect.

A steroid cream prescribed by a hospital helped soothe the irritation a bit, but his body was still far from being back to normal. I felt bad for him because he was so irritated every day, and I was worried that his skin would never get better...

After some research, I tried Probio CA since it seemed good, and almost immediately, the shine in his fur came back. I decided to keep using it and see how it went. Then, his skin slowly got better, and the itching was virtually gone. The glossiness of his fur came back, and the discoloration of his skin got much better. Two months after he started drinking it, he was all back to normal, and I was ecstatic to be able to use my favorite shampoo from before!

I also switched his food back to the regular, store-bought kind.  The effect was much stronger than I expected, and I am so glad that I decided to use it.

Vomiting and diarrhea got better!

Goku (Shiba)


Goku always used to throw up after meals. He would eat his own vomit, and then repeat the process again after a little while. I had his blood tested, but the doctors found nothing wrong with him. Still, I tried the medicine that I got from the doctor, but there was not much of an effect.

Because I was told that nothing was wrong, I did not want to keep giving him the medicine, so I have not gone to the hospital since then. I tried feeding him homemade food, giving him food that was easy to digest, and making him rest after a meal, but he would still throw up after every meal... He would end up eating everything, but because he looked like he was in pain, I was worried about him. It continued to be that way for a while, and his stomach was always upset. After I started using Probio CA, his diarrhea instantly went away. After a month, I was surprised to see that he stopped throwing up, too. It was even better because I had low expectations! Also, this may just be my imagination, but his floppy, overweight belly seems to have gotten firmer lately.

I will definitely keep using this product and am hoping that he will get healthy!

My dog's anus pouchitis is gone!  

Myuu (Mixed breed, 10 years old)


Myuu has been struggling with an itchy behind since she first came to our house. She was always licking it and trying to itch it by rubbing herself on the floor. When it got worse, there would be blood left on the floor. She stared walking around on her butt, and we felt bad for her because her anus was always red, inflamed, and looked painful.

At the hospital, we were told that she had anus pouchitis, so after treatment, we would put an Elizabethean collar on her to keep her from licking herself again and a diaper on her to catch prevent bleeding. It was tough on all of us because she would hurt herself after rubbing herself on the ground outside, and we would have to disinfect her wound, which hurt her a lot.

We heard about Probio CA from a friend, but because the issue was not atopic dermatitis or allergies, we were unsure of its effectiveness.

We bought it anyway, and she ate it without any complaint. After about half a month, the swelling on her butt was better and when we realized it, she had stopped licking, too! For now, her problems have not come back, so we are very happy! Her body odor is also gone, and her brittle hair has become prettier!

My dog's diarrhea has gotten better, and he has calmed down mentally.

Duffy (Golden Retriever)


Duffy has always been a soft-hearted and kind dog, but after we started taking care of a friend`s dog, his personality changed. He would bark all the time, show his teeth when he got angry, and break things... It was like he became a completely different dog. I knew that he was stressed out from having another dog in the house, but I could not just get rid of the other one. I could not let him hurt the doggy we were taking care of either, so I was always yelling at him. After some time, his body odor became very strong, and he started to have diarrhea. He would wander around the room all day and seemed restless...

Then, I heard from a different friend about Probio CA and bought it, thinking that it would solve his stool problem. After he ate it, his stool became normal, and after a little while, he stopped getting angry, too. If the other dog gets too close he still gets mad, and when I play with the other dog too much, he gets jealous. However, his restless behavior has stopped, and his body odor was gone in no time.

Personally, I think that the stress of living with another dog caused his digestion issues, his restlessness, and his bad temper. I think the Probio CA fixed his physical problems, and with his relief, he mentally calmed down a lot. Now, the other dog is safely back home, and Duffy has calmed down. Without Probio CA, I think our days would have been much harder. I now realize that stress can have a big impact on the organs.

My dog's coat became fluffy and glossy!

Akira (Dachshund)


It has been one month since I started mixing in Probio CA with my dog's food. I admit that I had been a little neglectful in my care of his fur, but I came to realize that his coat was rough and shabby.

Lately, though, I noticed that his fur is fluffy and glossy. I have not changed anything about his lifestyle, except for giving him Probio CA. Wow.

Until now, I never even thought about the condition of my dog`s intestines, so I am surprised to see that improving the health of his organs has had an impact on the state of his fur. I experienced first-hand that maintaining a beautiful coat depends more on the overall health of my dog, not hair care products.

Even though my dog is old, her fur is like fluffy silk.

Cookie (Dachshund)

Two years ago, during a hot summer, my dog developed eczema and several bald patches on her back. My dog did get a shot of antibiotics at the hospital, but I think that giving her Probio CA every day is what did the trick.

Her fur gradually grew back, and it became fluffier, more silky smooth, and softer than it was before. For a 15 year  old dog, the fluffiness of her fur is amazing, and many people compliment her! Also, her diarrhea is practically gone, and she has been passing good stool lately.

I give her Probio CA every morning and evening, and she loves it even though she spits out any other supplements or medications. I bet that she understands what is necessary for her own body. I am grateful to have found a really good supplement.


The eosinophilic granuloma is gone!

Nana (Brown tabby cat)

During July 2013, I found a sore on the upper lip that was about five millimeters long and pink, and it was diagnosed as eosiniphilic granuloma. The vet said, "Please have her take this for the rest of her life," so I gave her a steroid and antibiotic two times a day for five months. It did not get better, but instead, the sores continued to spread. For Nana and me, the tablets she had to take every night were very stressful. After we changed vets, it was misdiagnosed as a type of skin cancer, and my days were full of tears. At that time, I started to see changes after using Probio CA for several days.Now, fur is growing on her upper lip, and her skin is completely back to normal. For a kitty with eosinophilic granuloma, I think this product is a savior. Thank you so much.


The bumps on his back (tumor) disappeared.  

Bube (Dachshund)


Two years ago, Bube developed two small tumors on his back. After they were removed by surgery, an examination showed that they were benign tumors. The cause was apparently an irregular function of the immune system, and there was no specific treatment for the condition.

A few weeks after that, more tumors appeared close to where he had surgery, so it was time to go back to the hospital. The doctor said, "This tumor will spread if it gets bigger, and once the fur falls out there, the skin will be deformed." In the end, there was nothing that could be done except to supress the growth with a steroid medication.

He has had heart problems since he was young, so I was worried about more surgery. I was also hesitant to use steroids. I decided to just see it went for a while, and I started trying to help his metabolism by giving him food with lots of minerals and exercise and getting rid of the stress in his life. That was when I found this supplement on the website, and I bought and tried it right away since it was supposed to work well for atopic dermatitis. After using it for a couple of months, the new bumps that had developed on his back disappeared. I wonder where they went... They have not reappeared since.

The gooey earwax and the bad odor of her stool is gone!

Anzu (Chihuahua, 3 years old)


I always thought that my dog`s tool was too smelly for a small dog like her. Also, I was concerned about her smelly, gooey, and brown earwax. Since she is an indoor dog, I thought it would great if I could get rid of the odor from her stool, and I fed her this product that was given to me by a friend.

Then, the smell became much less noticeable after one week. After about 10 days, I was very happy that the amount of sticky, brown earwax decreased and that the bad odor was starting to go away.

When her earwax was bad, she was always scratching with her hind leg, so there were scars behind her ear. Those scars went away too.

It used to be tough for me to clean her ears because she would struggle and try to get away, but now there is less stress for both of us since I don`t have to clean them as often.

The stickiness in her ear always got worse during the summer. It`s almost summer, so I will keep using this in the hopes that her smell and health will improve!

My adorable baby is odorless!

Sacchi (Boston Terrier, 6 years old)


Our Sacchi is healthy, but she had bad breath and body odor, and her stool smelled as well.Because she was not sick, we did not plan on taking her to a hospital, but we realized that the smell of her stool was a sign that there were a lot of bad bacteria. We started to worry, and after some research, we came upon Probio CA.

Sacchi is very picky about what she eats, but when we sprinkled the supplement on her food, she ate it up without any problems. In a few days, there was already a change in the smell. There was also an obvious change in the feces itself. Before, it was small, black and looked like rabbit droppings, but it became lighter in color and glossier.

I read that for bad breath, it would be effective to melt Probio CA and rub it on her gums, but in our case, just feeding it to her was more than enough. Now, we can enjoy her licking and kisses without any hesitation. We were also surprised that her body odor went away too. It seems too good to be true since scented shampoos never made her smell nice. Her paws which also had a very distinctive smell have become practically odorless.

Even if Sacchi was smelly, we loved her anyway because it was her smell, but being odorless is pretty nice, especially since a strong odor in the stool is a sign of bad health. I recommended this product to a friend who was also worried about the smell of her dogs, and it has worked well for them too. I plan to continue using this product.

My cat's eye boogers and discharge from the ears has gotten better!

Shijimi (Mixed breed cat  12 years old)

Shijimi is a half domesticated and half stray cat.

Before, her eye boogers were so bad that her eyes could not open.

Also, there was discharge coming from her ears, and she always seemed to be injured somewhere. She was very much like a stray cat because of her poor condition.

After we started feeding her, we wanted her to get healthy, so we mixed in Probio CA with her food. After some time, her eyes no longer had boogers.

She started to get used to me, and her ears and the glossiness of her fur have improved, too!

I often take her to the hospital to get vaccinated, and every time, the doctors compliment her on how youthful she looks.

Even now, she freely goes out on her own and stays over at other people`s houses. I think she knows that our family is the one that gives her the best food, so she hangs around our house more frequently now.

If she is staying at someone else`s home, we would like to introduce them to Probio CA.

Maybe next time, we`ll try following Shijimi!


Swelling and tears / eye mucus around the eyes cured.

Rui (Toy Poodle)

Since 3-4 years, the skin around my pet’s eyes has gotten really red and swollen at various timings. It was quite pitiful, with his eyes always moist with tears and mucus. First I thought maybe it’s because of hair coming into the eyes, but after a different haircut, it still didn’t make a difference. Then I thought maybe it’s because of something in his food, or maybe it’s because of the grass he encounters on walks, but the timing of the occurrences didn’t make sense, and I didn’t find out the cause. The intense redness would recede after about 2-3 hours, so I didn’t take him for any special treatment.

After this, I got interested into an article on Facebook about supplements, and in the spirit of “nothing to lose”, I received a Probio CA sample. Because Rui didn’t mind the supplement sprinkled on his food, I ended up purchasing it, thinking that it would be nice even if it’d only help a little.

One month after adding the Probio CA to his food, I started noticing that I hadn’t seen Rui’s eyes getting so red recently. Also, when when bringing him to the trimming salon, without saying anything about it, the first thing the staff asked me, was what happened to Rui, since his eyes weren’t tearing up as much anymore.

I had already talked with my husband how Rui’s eyes weren’t getting so red anymore, but the effect only truly dawned on me when the grooming staff made a remark about it. Since then, his eyes haven’t gotten red even once over a period of two months, so I’m starting to believe that he might be really cured!


My cat lost weight and seems younger.

(Mixed breed Cat)

Ever since taking on weight, my cat got into a cycle of being constipated, continued by a period of diarrhea. Now after having taken Probio CA for about one year, her stomach fat has disappeared. Her muscles are in better tone, her stool has improved, and she’s gotten more active again. It seems like her whole body has gotten younger again! Even the veterinarian was surprised to see the changes!


Beloved dog’s PLT count decreased.

Lucky (Border Collie, 14 years old)


After about 10 days of starting to use Probio CA, his diarrhea got much better, and the eye mucus which increased as he got older, improved dramatically. Also, his blood’s PLT value which had been high for a long period (autoimmune disorder), has been decreasing very nicely over a period of about two months! The doctor said it would be great if this value would stabilize at this level. He said it was a very good thing for my dog to take a probiotic supplement. He hasn’t suffered any summer fatigue this year, his appetite has been amazing, and he’s physically in a very good condition!

Beloved dog’s skin ailments (scabs, dandruff, darkening of abdomen) greatly improved.  Pao (French Bulldog, 12 years old)

His red rash disappeared like it was never there. He’s been troubled by skin ailments since he was little. He was once taken to hospital where he was given steroids, but after taking Probio CA, his skin not only healed, but the scars even disappeared and his hair started growing again in these spots! I was so surprised!

I even got an official authorization from the attending physician to continue the supplement treatment.


Beloved dog’s ear tumor disappeared.

Karen (Schnauzer, 7 years old)


My dog had a tumor in his ear of which half the size could be seen sticking out from the ear opening. I was told that an operation would be necessary if the medicine didn’t work, but when I didn’t see any change, I switched to Probio CA. After a week, the tumor showed a crack from which pus started leaking, and this eventually turned into a crust... After two weeks, the crust had gotten a round shape, and when taking it off, a small white and soft tumor appeared on the inside. After three weeks, the soft tumor had also turned into a crust, and when taking this off, there was almost no protrusion left on the skin. Right now, if no one told you there has been a tumor, it would be very hard to notice!

I had been prepared to have him operated on in which his ear would have been cut off, so both my doggie and my wallet are very grateful that the situation got resolved with only a month of supplement treatment!

Itch (pyoderma) and outer ear inflammation completely cured.

Angero (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 4 years old)

My dog had been troubled for many years with pyoderma across his body and outer ear inflammation. We had to take him once a week to the hospital for an ear cleansing, and for the pyoderma, we had to wash him every day with sterilizing shampoo, as well as giving him medicine... And then he always suffered from diarrhea because of the side effects. Special nutrition, hot spring treatment, ozone showers, they all showed temporary improvements, but these treatments always had to be repeated.Now four months have passed since I heard from a friend about Probio CA. Before I even became well aware of it, his ear inflammation as well as his pyoderma disappeared, and the condition of his skin was good. The hospital where I used to go ever week, I now only visit once a month for a check-up. And with his intestinal environment also clean, this treatment proved to be a true revelation! Before, the corners of his eyes used to hang down, and it looked like he was suffering from the constant itch, but now he even succeeded at his diet!


Beloved dog’s bad fart & body odor disappeared.

Musashi (Shiba)


Musashi’s used to have a bad stomach condition, which caused him to be farting all the time. On top of that, his farts were really stinky as well! Furthermore, his stool was always soft. Ever since giving him Probio CA, his smelly farts have totally disappeared, and it even seems like his fur became more glossy. The condition of his stool also became good again! After having given him the supplement for a while, his unpleasant body odor almost completely disappeared as well! Our dog used to cause us some apprehension when inviting friends over to our house, so we are very relieved now! We would like him to live a long and healthy life!

Cured from diarrhea, as well as from skin ailments! 

Anon (Kooikerhondje, 5 years old)


Ever since our dog was a puppy, he suffered from ear rash. Last summer, this turned into atopic dermatitis, which caused him to scratch himself across his entire body, giving him rash and scabs. When we’d give him medicine, he would just throw it up. Looking at my dog caused me quite some anxiety as well. And that’s when I encountered this product! When giving him Probio CA for the first times, it caused him to have diarrhea, but since it was recommended on the website to keep on continuing the therapy, we continued, the diarrhea disappeared, and his skin got better as well! It seemed like it had resettled his intestinal environment. Because the supplement is granular, he doesn’t leave any remains either. More than any kind of wound, nothing gives a dog more misery than skin inflammation and scratching its own skin to pieces. It’s not strictly a medicine, but giving him this supplement gives me more peace than any medicine would.

His stomach got better and became more and more healthy!

Timpani (American Cocker Spaniel, 11 years old)


Though it wasn’t as bad as diarrhea, Timpani’s stool used to be soft, so it was difficult to pick up. I became worried about it, because it became an everyday thing. We had our veterinarian check the stool from time to time, but he didn’t really find any special deficit, so things ultimately stayed the same.  Two days after starting to give him Probio CA however, the condition of his stool was obviously different. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, and I didn’t think it could be the effect of the Probio CA already, but ever since, the condition of his stool has been good every single day!  His stomach environment became very healthy, and the nutrient uptake from his meals also increased, so I expect that the effects of the other supplements we give him (something for joint care, something for the eyes, etc.) have also increased. His healthy stomach has a settling effect on his whole body environment, so it would be nice if it also ends up curing his itch.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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