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Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Aki Kougo

The Hospital Director of Kougo Animal Hospital 


We perform gentle treatments based on Western medicine while proactively incorporating acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to mix the good points of both that is truly good for the pets.

The intestinal environment is related to a great deal of illnesses and symptoms, including skin diseases and tear stains.” By properly maintaining the intestinal environment, good bacteria are increased and they promote the detoxification of harmful substances in the body.


At our hospital, we mainly use Probio CA for dogs with atopy and chronic dermatitis. Many owners wish for treatments with a small financial burden, and we explain that when they use Probio CA, itching subsides and redness disappears.

We use it for various symptoms as well as skin problems such as a Maltese with redness and itching of the skin and much dandruff because of dermatitis, whose skin has now calmed down, and we prescribed it along with medication to a dog with chronic diarrhea that had tried various medications to no avail.


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