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Veterinary Report

After the Clinical Trials


“This was my first experience where a red blood cell count reached 1,000 and stabilized in such a short period. The reason why I tried Probio CA with my race horses was based on having used it on chickens and seeing it reduce their fatty liver. I thought it would affect to horse too. Especially after a race, horses are exhausted. Because of this, when you check their liver function, the numbers are much higher than normal. If the numbers are high It means that liver function is declining. Because horses don’t have a gall bladder, when their liver function declines they can’t decompose and digest food. When they can’t digest, they can’t absorb nutrients. Naturally, the horse's condition won’t get better. Because of this, much of their stool is undigested food and their physical condition will get bad, and as a result, the performance of the horse declines.


“Based on the opinion of a stable boy who conducted a clinical trial, by first supplementing food intake with internal medicine and improving the horse's digestion and absorption, thereby reducing the burden on their livers, they will naturally become hard to tire and their performance will rise. Again these kinds of results are found in clinical trials.

“Currently, Probio CA has a very good review for improving diarrhea and constipation and as a medicine to support the horse’s intestinal environment, and has a reputation even among owners of horses without blood test data.


“Probio CA is mainly for dogs and cats, but the main ingredient, NEM bacteria (probiotics), is used for racehorses. Supplement with this digestion and food that includes absorption-improving NEM bacteria and liver function will get better, they will become difficult to tire, and their performance will rise.


Domestic animals

Probio CA and Probio CA Plus are not only for pets and the stable, but also for domestic animal industries like poultry houses, cowsheds, and pigpens, as a natural additive agent for feed.


With chickens, for example, in poultry houses where it’s used, just by mixing it one part in 1,000, it can increase the amount of chicken meat, increase the number of eggs laid, and decrease the number of chickens disposed of.


Also, since it reduces smelly feces, it’s connected with the dramatic improvement of the poultry house environment, making it useful for employees and as a way to fight a bad smell. This results in both a cost reduction and an increase in productivity at the same time.


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