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All the benefits of Probio CA in a new enhanced version!


Including the same combination of complex-type probiotics that improve natural healing power from inside of the intestines.

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Yes! Of course!

Probio CA Plus is not only for Dogs & Cats but also for  all animals!


Can we take

Probio CA Plus, too?

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Secret with three times the effectiveness

Probio CA PLUS has three times more useful bacteria than the conventional Probio CA.

By switching from a divided powder to a bottled type, a natural ingredient called shellac, is no longer a prerequisite. This allows for a more effective overall product and healing experience.

To package it as a divided powder, it needs to be granulated to prevent the generation of static electricity generation.  Since the heat needed for adding the shellac no longer needs to be applied to the product, we can now offer it in a state closer to the raw original.

The effect is stronger accordingly, so we recommend that new users of Probio CA start with the regular version.

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Ingredients of "Probio CA PLUS"

The original blend of good bacteria groups (NEM enzymes)

The original blend of NEM enzymes contains 150 kinds of useful bacteria that promote the maintenance and enhancement of healthy intestines. It increases the ability to synthesize protein, detoxifies harmful substances in the gut, and improves the body’s natural healing power. In clinical trials, it has also been shown to have a potent effect on humans.

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Ultra-low molecular weight collagen

Medical-grade low molecular collagen is carefully extracted with water and without heat.

There is a lot of collagen in the skin, hair, bone, and organs originally, and it supports health as well as protecting the body from illness.

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Eggshell calcium

Calcium is an important nutrient related to muscle contraction, heart movement, nerve function, and hormone secretion as well as in the formation of bones and teeth. Its numerous pores serve as a living space for friendly bacteria, such as lactic acid bacteria and yeast, making it easier for essential microorganisms to colonize in the intestines.

Regarding soy and egg allergies


The raw material eggshell calcium is decomposed into low molecules (peptide) in the production process, and it is no longer an ingredient of an egg that is concerned to be an allergen, so dogs with egg and soy allergies can also use the product.  If you are worried, please start with a small amount.


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