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100% Natural Dental Care spray
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For dogs and cats like these...

  • Older dogs and cats who are worried about stained teeth

  • Those with bad breath

  • Periodontal disease

  • Alveolar pyorrhea

  • Those who have difficulty brushing their teeth every day

  • Those with inflamed gums

  • Those who won't eat powder type of dental care product

Ionized water with 280 types of natural good bacteria takes care of both the oral and the intestinal environment!
Only Natural Ingredients!

It's made with only natural ingredients, so it's safe and secure for families with human babies and pregnant women!

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Examples of symptoms

Tartar that has hardened.

Tartar is caused by the oxidation and hardening of calcium and other substances in plaque, and it is difficult to remove once it has formed.

However, tartar can be deoxidized with alkaline ionized water to protect the health of your teeth.

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Good for periodontal disease, which causes inflammation of the gums!

Periodontal disease is caused by food and bacteria that get between the teeth and gums and cause inflammation.

Many of the bacteria that build up in the periodontal pockets in those grooves and cause inflammation are anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not like oxygen).

By flushing the aerobic good bacteria (oxygen-loving bacteria),  found in PROBIO MIST, into the mouth, the balance in the periodontal pockets is improved and restored back to normal.

It also contains good bacteria that reduce inflammation and improve the oral environment.


PROBIO MIST Ingredients

Water containing 280 types of good bacteria

PROBIO MIST is a water containing 280 different types of good bacteria that are fermented using soy protein. The water contains bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria that help to improve the oral and intestinal environment.

Food grade alkaline ionized water

Includes strong alkaline ionized water with an alkalinity level of ph12. Bacteria in the mouth are less likely to breed in a strong alkaline environment, so it keeps the environment in the mouth healthy. It also makes it easier to remove oxidized tartar from the mouth by alkalizing it.


How to use PROBIO MIST

Push it directly into the mouth!

Spray 2 to 3 times daily on each side.


For dogs and cats who are frightened, mix it with drinking water and have them drink it.

When mixing with drinking water, it is recommended to mix more into the water as the ingredients will be diluted.


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