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A great balance of 8 different joint support components!

A one-stop solution to maintain healthy joints and limbs.

Supporting your beloved dog's happy life with 120 times the power of glucosamine.

This is a revolutionary type of supplement!

 Clinical trial data

Clinical trial data of the joint component increasing with Procian ingredient SAM-e.

We have conducted clinical trials with glucosamine, and SAM-e yeast, which are both well-known joint support components.

Clinical trial

New synthetic quantity of cartilage component SAM-e with the famous joint component glucosamine.

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Ingredients of "Procian"

8 kinds of joint support ingredients in a balanced combination!


1. SAM-e Yeast

It has been a highly anticipated ingredient for the ultimate solution for walking support, with 120 times more cartilage power than glucosamine. It also supports good liver function.


2. Glucosamine

It is a type of cartilage component, and supplements the decrease of it as your dog ages. By taking it with SAM-e, it is said to have more than four times of additional synergy effect, and it is useful for your beloved dog’s joint support.


3. MSM

Natural nutrient component (organic sulphur compound) that is essential in animals and plants. It is efficiently utilized when somatic cells are reborn, and it especially restores the flexibility and permeability of cells, so it is useful for dense collagen generation.


4. Chondroitin

Originally it was discovered from the cartilage of cows and it is everywhere throughout the body, but it is especially abundant in joint cartilage. It is very effective in for water retention and pain reduction, so it is an ingredient that has been included in supplements a lot in recent years.


5. Hyaluronic Acid

It is a jelly substance found in plentiful supply in the skin and joints a lot. It is known to have excellent water retention powers, but it also functions in preventing arteriosclerosis in the cushion mechanism between the eye cells and blood vessels.


6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is fat-soluble and works to prevent the oxidation of the cell membrane and lipids in the blood caused by active oxygen. It also functions to maintain blood vessel health and improve blood flow. It is also useful for preventing rough skin.


7. Hydroxytyrosol

Hydroxytyrosol, which is said to efficiently increase the generation of the cartilage component glutathione, is extracted from olive leaves, and it has a strong antioxidant power. Its effect is 10 times that of vitamin C, and its black melanin generation suppression effect is said to be 25 times that of vitamin C. It is a component useful for maintaining the original health of the skin.


8. Marine Collagen Peptides

Marine collagen peptides. Collagen is well known as a beauty product, but when the metabolism of collagen slows down, it causes skin trouble and joint pain. It is mixed as an ingredient to maintain a healthy coat.


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